Anything They Make We Can Unlock!

Chip Decap

We provide semiconductor decapping and depackaging service

Silicon Microscopy

Optic Microscope imaging of the chip silicon wafer.

MCU Unlock

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Clone

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Prototype

Make PCB prototype from the Schematics & BOM cloned from your sample

PCB Production

Mass production of PCB including compnents purchasing, SMT & pre-production sample making

Equipped with best Facilities and engineers, PRX Limited has more than 10 years in the microcontroller reverse engineering industry, and by years of hard researching, we have studied and stored the security mechanism data of a wide range of chip types which are comonly used by the engineers arround the world, which enable us to to retrieve the program inside the chip with perfection and speed.

As a leading specialist in the reverse engineering industry, we can help you to get access to the uptodate technology in your trade, help you to keep up the pace with your competitor or even getting ahead with minimium cost.
We had developed a series of easy procedures to help you get access to our service with minimium risk or even, as in most of the cases, no risk. to make our service to be an important resource on your business.
Since the foundation of PRX , as the technology evolves, the landscape of microcontroller unlocking business had changed a great deal, many new companies arise, many old ones had gone. However, PRX always believes, something deep inside business will never change, that is — Honor, Honesty and the Agreement Abiding Spirit.