Anything They Make We Can Unlock!

Chip Decap

We provide semiconductor decapping and depackaging service

Silicon Microscopy

Optic Microscope imaging of the chip silicon wafer.

MCU Unlock

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Clone

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Prototype

Make PCB prototype from the Schematics & BOM cloned from your sample

PCB Production

Mass production of PCB including compnents purchasing, SMT & pre-production sample making

Dallas DS24xx series:

DS2401 DS2405 DS2406 DS2408 DS2409 DS2415 DS2416 DS2417 DS2422 DS2423 DS2430A DS2431 DS2432 DS2433 DS2434 DS2436 DS2438 DS2450 DS2460 …


Dallas DS28Exx series:

DS28E22 DS28E17 DS28E16X-ST DS28E16X-S DS28E16QT DS28E16Q DS28E16 DS28E15Q+T DS28E15P+T DS28E15P+ DS28E15G+T DS28E15G+ DS28E15 DS28E10R+T DS28E10P+T DS28E10P+ DS28E10_11 DS28E10 DS28E05R+T DS28E05P+T DS28E05P+ DS28E05 DS28E04S-100 DS28E04-100 DS28E02Q+TR DS28E02Q+T DS28E02Q+R DS28E02P+TR DS28E02P+T DS28E02P+R DS28E02P+ DS28E02_12 DS28E02 DS28E01X-100-S DS28E01X-100 DS28E15 DS28E38 DS28E35 DS28E22 …


Elan EMC EM78xx series:

EM78156E EM78447S EM78448C EM78806B EM78448 EM78450 EM78451 EM78458 EM78576 EM78568 EM78569 EM78459 EM78800 EM78806 EM78808 EM78810 EM78811 EM78813 EM78815 EM78820 EM78860 EM78861 EM78862 EM78863 EM78865 EM78870 EM78911 EM78912 …


Elan EMC EM78Pxx series:

EM78P153 EM78P156 EM78P257 EM78P447 EM78P451 EM78P452 EM78P458 EM78P459 EM78P468 EM78P5839 EM78P5840 EM78P5841 EM78P5842 EM78P154N EM78P156N EM78P157N EM78P159N EM78P259N EM78P259N EM78P260N EM78P417N EM78P418N EM78P419N EM78P447N EM78P468N EM78P468L EM78P510N EM78P809N EM78P5840N EN78P5841N EM78P5842N EM78P565 EM78P566 EM78P567 EM78P568 EM78P569 EM78P5830 EM78P806 EM78P808 EM78P811 EM78P813 EM78P870 EM78P911 …

About Dallas and Elan:

Founded in 1994, ELAN Microelectronics Corporation is an IC design house engaging in the R&D of integrated circuit and touchpad module solutions. The company is headquartered in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park with touchpad module factory in Chung Ho City, Taipei County. Through years of development, it has branch offices and customer service centers all over the world such as USA, Shenzhen (China), Shanghai, and Hong Kong, etc. Besides, the company has been listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange since September 2001. ELAN’s products can be summarized into the following categories: microcontrollers, touch sensor ICs, telecommunication ICs, PC peripheral ICs, audio/video ICs and capacitive touchpads. The typical applications include mobile phones, notebooks, home appliances, toys & gaming, calculators & education devices, handheld devices, PC peripherals, telecommunications and smart remote controls. ELAN has been certified by the quality management system ISO 9001:2000. ELAN has its core technology focusing on Capacitive Touchpad. Along with the release of the Apple iPhone in mid-2007 and the introduction of iPod Touch, MacBook Air, Windows 7.0, the Multi-Finger touch interface has rapidly become to be the trend of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development. ELAN’s Capacitive Touchpad products include Illuminative Touchpad, Transparent Touchpad, and Virtual Keypad with Dome Touchpad. Besides, CMOS Sensor with Pattern Recognition is ELAN’s second core technology. It is an integration of ELAN’s MCU and DSP for digital audio/home appliance applications and pattern recognition algorithm. The technology is used in the development of optical mouse, interactive game console, interactive TV, computer games, optical identification device, etc. ELAN is always persisting on the investment in the R&D of new products. ELAN has earned an extensive number intellectual property (IP) patents. ELAN R&D has received several gold and silver medals in the annual “Taiwan National Best Invention Award” sponsored by the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs. It also received many “R&D Accomplishment Awards” from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration. The company is also listed as one of the “Best Under a Billion 200 Companies” worldwide by Forbes Global Magazine.

As an expertise in Smart Human-Machine Interface applications development, ELAN has its core technology devoted in Capacitive Touchpad. Since the release of the Apple iPhone in mid-2007, followed by the introduction of iPod Touch, MacBook Air, and the up coming release of Windows 7.0, the Multi-Finger touch interface has fast grown to be the focus and trend of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development. As of this date, ELAN’s Capacitive Touchpad products include Illuminative Touchpad, Transparent Touchpad, and Virtual Keypad with Dome Touchpad. All these products provide Multi-Finger touch applications for clicking, zooming, scrolling, cursor control, and other gesture mode functions. The Multi-Finger touch solutions from ELAN are smarter, intuitive, user-friendly, reliable, and are fast gaining popularity with reputable consumer electronic products, while the solution is becoming a market trend’s smart choice.

Power supply

General-purpose I/O pin

Crystal type: Crystal input terminal or external clock input pin

ERC type: RC oscillator input pin

General-purpose I/O pin

Crystal type: Output terminal for crystal OSC or external clock input pin

RC type: Instruction clock output

External clock signal input

General-purpose I/O pin

Real time clock/counter (with Schmitt trigger input pin), must be tied to

VDD or VSS if not in use.

Input pin with Schmitt trigger. If this pin remains at logic low, the

controller will also remain in reset condition.

P50 ~ P53 are bidirectional I/O pins, can also be pulled-down by software

P50 and P51 can also be defined as R-option pins

P60 ~ P67 are bi-directional I/O pins.

These can be pulled-high or can be open-drain by software programming

P60 ~ P63 can also be pulled-down by software

External interrupt pin triggered by a falling edge

Dallas Semiconductor was founded in 1984 as a designer and manufacturer of semiconductors and chip-based subsystems. Dallas Semiconductor quickly established its innovation and technical leadership in developing a wide variety of high-performance products, including 1-Wire?, iButton?, microcontroller (MCU), timekeeping, thermal management, and communications devices.

Dallas Semiconductor, acquired by Maxim Integrated Products in 2001, was a company that designed and manufactured analog, digital, and mixed-signal semiconductors (integrated circuits, or ICs). Its specialties included communications products (including T/E and Ethernet products), microcontrollers, battery management, thermal sensing and thermal management, non-volatile random-access memory, microprocessor supervisors, delay lines, silicon oscillators, digital potentiometers, real-time clocks, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), iButton, and 1-Wire products.

The company, based in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 1984 and purchased by Maxim Integrated Products in 2001. Both the Maxim and Dallas Semiconductor brands were actively used until 2007. Since then, the Maxim name has been used for all new products, though the Dallas Semiconductor brand has been retained for some older products, which can be identified by “DS” at the beginning of their part numbers.

The DS2432 combines 1024 bits of EEPROM, a 64-bit secret, an 8-byte register/control page with up to five user read/write bytes, a 512-bit SHA-1 engine, and a fully-featured 1-Wire interface in a single chip.



On-Chip 512-Bit ISO/IEC 10118-3 SHA-1

Write Access Requires Knowledge of the

Secret and Data Memory Can Be Write

Unique, Factory-Lasered and Tested 64-Bit


Reduces Control, Address, Data, and Power

Directly Connects to a Single Port Pin of a

Overdrive Mode Boosts Communication

Low-Cost 6-Lead TSOC Surface-Mount

Reads and Writes Over a Wide Voltage

1-Wire is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Partitioned Into Four Pages of 256 Bits, a

64-Bit Write-Only Secret, and Up to Five

General-Purpose Read/Write Registers



Generate Secrets

Secret and the Capability of Computing and



Protected (All or Page 0 Only) or Put in

EPROM-Emulation Mode (��Write to 0��,

Page 1)


Traceability Because No Two Parts Are Alike

Compatibility with Other 1-Wire


to a Single Data Pin

Microprocessor and Communicates at Up