Anything They Make We Can Unlock!

Chip Decap

We provide semiconductor decapping and depackaging service

Silicon Microscopy

Optic Microscope imaging of the chip silicon wafer.

MCU Unlock

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Clone

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Prototype

Make PCB prototype from the Schematics & BOM cloned from your sample

PCB Production

Mass production of PCB including compnents purchasing, SMT & pre-production sample making

C8051F1/F2xx Series:

C8051F120 C8051F121 C8051F122 C8051F123 C8051F124 C8051F125 C8051F126 C8051F127 C8051F130 C8051F131 C8051F132 C8051F133 C8051F206 C8051F220 C8051F221 C8051F226 C8051F230 C8051F231 C8051F236 …


C8051Fxx Series:

C8051F000 C8051F001 C8051F002 C8051F005 C8051F006 C8051F007 C8051F010 C8051F011 C8051F012 C8051F015 C8051F016 C8051F017 C8051F018 C8051F019 C8051F020 C8051F021 C8051F022 C8051F023 C8051F040 C8051F041 C8051F042 C8051F043 C8051F044 C8051F045 C8051F046 C8051F047 C8051F060 C8051F061 C8051F062 C8051F063 C8051F064 C8051F065 C8051F066 C8051F067 …


C8051F4/F5/F9xx Series:

C8051F410 C8051F411 C8051F412 C8051F413 C8051F520 C8051F521 C8051F523 C8051F524 C8051F526 C8051F527 C8051F530 C8051F531 C8051F533 C8051F534 C8051F536 C8051F537 C8051F920 C8051F921 C8051F930 C8051F931 …


C8051F3xx Series:

C8051F300 C8051F301 C8051F302 C8051F303 C8051F304 C8051F305 C8051F310 C8051F311 C8051F312 C8051F313 C8051F314 C8051F315 C8051F316 C8051F317 C8051F320 C8051F321 C8051F326 C8051F327 C8051F330 C8051F331 C8051F332 C8051F333 C8051F334 C8051F335 C8051F336 C8051F337 C8051F338 C8051F339 C8051F340 C8051F341 C8051F342 C8051F343 C8051F344 C8051F345 C8051F346 C8051F347 C8051F350 C8051F351 C8051F352 C8051F353 C8051F360 C8051F361 C8051F362 C8051F363 C8051F364 C8051F365 C8051F366 C8051F367 C8051F368 C8051F369 …


C8051Txx Series:

C8051T600 C8051T601 C8051T602 C8051T603 C8051T604 C8051T605 C8051T610 C8051T611 C8051T612 C8051T613 C8051T614 C8051T615 C8051T616 C8051T617 C8051T630 C8051T631 C8051T632 C8051T633 C8051T634 C8051T635 …


Silabs Fxx Series:

SIL F000 SIL F001 SIL F002 SIL F005 SIL F006 SIL F007 SIL F010 SIL F011 SIL F012 SIL F015 SIL F016 SIL F017 SIL F018 SIL F019 SIL F020 SIL F021 SIL F022 SIL F023 SIL F040 SIL F041 SIL F042 SIL F043 SIL F044 SIL F045 SIL F046 SIL F047 SIL F060 SIL F061 SIL F062 SIL F063 SIL F064 SIL F065 SIL F066 SIL F067 SIL F120 SIL F121 SIL F122 SIL F123 SIL F124 SIL F125 SIL F126 SIL F127 SIL F130 SIL F131 SIL F132 SIL F133 SIL F206 SIL F220 SIL F221 SIL F226 SIL F230 SIL F231 SIL F236 SIL F410 SIL F411 SIL F412 SIL F413 SIL F520 SIL F521 SIL F523 SIL F524 SIL F526 SIL F527 SIL F530 SIL F531 SIL F533 SIL F534 SIL F536 SIL F537 SIL F920 SIL F921 SIL F930 SIL F931 SIL F300 SIL F301 SIL F302 SIL F303 SIL F304 SIL F305 SIL F310 SIL F311 SIL F312 SIL F313 SIL F314 SIL F315 SIL F316 SIL F317 SIL F320 SIL F321 SIL F326 SIL F327 SIL F330 SIL F331 SIL F332 SIL F333 SIL F334 SIL F335 SIL F336 SIL F337 SIL F338 SIL F339 SIL F340 SIL F341 SIL F342 SIL F343 SIL F344 SIL F345 SIL F346 SIL F347 SIL F350 SIL F351 SIL F352 SIL F353 SIL F360 SIL F361 SIL F362 SIL F363 SIL F364 SIL F365 SIL F366 SIL F367 SIL F368 SIL F369 SIL T600 SIL T601 SIL T602 SIL T603 SIL T604 SIL T605 SIL T610 SIL T611 SIL T612 SIL T613 SIL T614 SIL T615 SIL T616 SIL T617 SIL T630 SIL T631 SIL T632 SIL T633 SIL T634 SIL T635 …

About Silicon Labs/Cygnal:


Silicon Laboratories is a global fabless semiconductor company. The company provides silicon, software and solutions to the IoT, internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer, and automotive markets. Its products include analog-intensive, mixed-signal solutions for use in electronic products, wireless connectivity solutions for the IoT, timing and isolation products for infrastructure applications, as well as broadcast products, such as TV tuners and demodulators and automotive radio tuners, and access products including subscriber line interface circuits

Silicon Labs revenue breakdown by business segment: 7.3% from Access, 23.0% from Infrastructure, 16.3% from Broadcast and 53.4% from Internet of Things

Silicon Labs revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 39.6% from China , 17.2% from United States and 43.1% from Rest of World

Silicon Laboratories Inc. has completed the acquisition of privately held Cygnal Integrated Products, an Austin-based innovator of analog-intensive, highly integrated 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). Cygnal’s portfolio of more than 50 general-purpose products will add breadth and diversity to Silicon Laboratories’ existing product line of high-performance, application-specific mixed-signal ICs.

In connection with the acquisition, Silicon Laboratories issued approximately 1.2 million shares of common stock in exchange for all outstanding shares of Cygnal capital stock. Up to approximately 1.3 million additional shares of Silicon Laboratories common stock will be reserved for future issuance to the shareholders of Cygnal based on the achievement of certain revenue milestones following the closing of the transaction.

Cygnal will be relocated to Silicon Laboratories’ facilities in Austin before year-end, and its products will be sold under the Silicon Laboratories name. Silicon Laboratories will continue to support and invest in Cygnal’s complete portfolio of MCU products.

Silicon Labs’ automotive and industrial microcontrollers (MCUs) are auto-grade products qualified and tested to the AEC-Q100 specification with high temperature operation up to 125 ��C. The C8051F5xx industrial and automotive microcontrollers include a CAN 2.0B interface, LIN 2.1 interface, an integrated precision oscillator (��0.5%) that allows full spec operation without an external crystal oscillator and 1.8 to 5.25 V supply voltage. Both the C8051F5xx and C8051F85x/6x families feature a 12-bit ADC and are implemented in small form factor packages.

The C8051 is a ��hard wired’ implementation of the 8051 microcontroller CPU, as opposed to the original micro-coded version. The instruction set is mapped to a basic two-stage pipeline to increase throughput while maintaining an 8-bit program memory width. The result is a high-performance 8051 microcontroller architecture that executes most instructions within 1 or 2 clock cycles and delivers 20 to 25 times the performance of the original 8051 core


The C8051Fxxx is a precision analog 8-bit ISP Flash Microcontroller featuring high-speed pipelined 8051-compatible CIP-51 core the fastest CPU up to 100MIPS, 10-bit ADC and up to 128kB of on-chip flash with 8kB of RAM. With on-chip VDD monitor, watchdog timer and clock oscillator, the device is truly stand-alone system-on-a-chip solutions. All analog and digital peripherals are enabled/disabled and configured by user firmware. The flash memory can be reprogrammed even in-circuit, providing nonvolatile data storage and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware.

These small MCUs include up to 100 MIPS CPU, 12-bit ADC, 12-bit DACs and other vital analog peripherals such as integrated precision oscillator (��2%) and precision temperature sensor (��2 ��C). Cost-sensitive pin-compatible one-time programmable (OTP) options are also available.

Silicon Labs offers an advanced 8-bit microcontroller studio, available at no charge to developers. These tools unlock the power and flexibility of the 8-bit microcontroller family. All C8051Fxxx families are supported by the 8-bit Studio. If your 8051 device does not appear in the list below, you can also use Simplicity Studio Software Suite.

The Silicon Labs Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a complete, stand-alone software program that includes a project manager, source editor, source-level debugger and other utilities. The IDE interfaces to third party development tool chains to provide system designers a complete embedded software development environment. The IDE supports the entire 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) portfolio.

The Flash Programming Utilities allow designers to download code to a device and perform other memory operations without needing to use the Silicon Labs IDE. These utilities are static examples of the C8051Fxxx On-Chip Interface Utilities DLL detailed in application note AN117. The downloaded installation utility installs both the Windows Flash Programming Utility and the Command-line (32-bit) Flash Programming Utility.