Anything They Make We Can Unlock!

Chip Decap

We provide semiconductor decapping and depackaging service

Silicon Microscopy

Optic Microscope imaging of the chip silicon wafer.

MCU Unlock

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Clone

Unlock microcontroller and extract the program inside.

PCB Prototype

Make PCB prototype from the Schematics & BOM cloned from your sample

PCB Production

Mass production of PCB including compnents purchasing, SMT & pre-production sample making

MDTxx series:

MDT10P05 MDT10P10 MDT10P20 MDT10P21 MDT10P22 MDT10P23 MDT10P43 MDT10P61 MDT10P62 MDT10P64 MDT10P65 MDT10P72 MDT10P73 MDT10P74 MDT10P41A1 MDT10P41A2 MDT10P621 MDT10P651 MDT10P721 MDT10P55A1 MDT10P55A2 MDT10P55A3 MDT10P55A4 MDT10P55B1 MDT10P55B2 MDT10P55B3 MDT10P55B4 MDT10P56A1 MDT10P56A2 MDT10P56A3 MDT10P56A4 MDT10P57A1 MDT10P57A2 MDT10P57A3 MDT10P57A4 MDT10F84 MDT10F841 MDT2005 MDT2010 MDT2015 MDT2020 MDT2030 MDT2051 MDT53A1 MDT53A2 MDT53A3 MDT53A4 MDT10P712 MDT10P716 MDT1005BS MDT1010 MDT1020 MDT1020B MDT1030 MDT1051 MDT1053A2 MDT1053A3 MDT1053A4 MDT1060 MDT10C21 MDT10C22 MDT10C23 MDT10C41A MDT10C42 MDT10C43 MDT10C44 MDT10C55BS21 MDT10C61 MDT10C65 MDT10F84 MDT10F841 MDT10P05 MDT10P05P MDT10P10 MDT10P10P MDT10P10S MDT10P20 MDT10P21 MDT10P21A1 MDT10P21A2 MDT10P21A2K MDT10P21A3 MDT10P21A3S MDT10P21K MDT10P21KS MDT10P22 MDT10P22A1 MDT10P22A1S MDT10P22A2 MDT10P22A3 MDT10P22A3S MDT10P22A5P MDT10P22AK24 MDT10P22K MDT10P22KS MDT10P23 MDT10P23K MDT10P23KS MDT10P30 MDT10P41 MDT10P41A1 MDT10P41A1P MDT10P41A2 MDT10P43 MDT10P52 MDT10P52A MDT10P52A1 MDT10P52A1S MDT10P52A2P MDT10P52AI MDT10P53 MDT10P53A1 MDT10P53A1AC MDT10P53A1P MDT10P53A1S MDT10P53A2 MDT10P53A2P MDT10P53A2S MDT10P53A3 MDT10P53A3P MDT10P53A3S MDT10P53A3SP MDT10P53A4 MDT10P53A4P MDT10P53A4S MDT10P53AP MDT10P53AS MDT10P55 MDT10P55A MDT10P55A1 MDT10P55A1P MDT10P55A1S MDT10P55A2 MDT10P55A2P MDT10P55A2S MDT10P55A3 MDT10P55A3P MDT10P55A3S MDT10P55A4 MDT10P55A4P MDT10P55A4S MDT10P55B MDT10P55B1P MDT10P55B1S MDT10P55B3P MDT10P55B40S MDT10P56 MDT10P57 MDT10P57A1P MDT10P61 MDT10P61P MDT10P61S MDT10P62 MDT10P621 MDT10P621K MDT10P621S MDT10P62K MDT10P62S MDT10P64 MDT10P64L MDT10P64P MDT10P64Q MDT10P65 MDT10P651 MDT10P651P MDT10P65A1 MDT10P65A1A2Q MDT10P65A1P MDT10P65A1Q MDT10P65A2 MDT10P65A2A2Q MDT10P65A2P MDT10P65A2Q MDT10P65A3 MDT10P65A3A2Q MDT10P65A3P MDT10P65A3Q MDT10P65A4 MDT10P65A4A2Q MDT10P65A4P MDT10P65A4Q MDT10P716 MDT10P716S MDT10P72 MDT10P721 MDT10P721K MDT10P721S MDT10P721SS MDT10P72EP MDT10P72K MDT10P72S MDT10P73 MDT10P73EP MDT10P73K MDT10P73S MDT10P74 MDT10P74EP MDT10P74L MDT10P74P MDT10P74Q MDT1N40 MDT1N45 MDT1N50 MDT2002G MDT2003F …

Please visit the MCU lists above to find your IC part number, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers PRX can unlock here, and PRX is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, also we have development schedule, even we had not done your type before, we can research to fit your demand, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.