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Z867/C/Dxx Series:

Z86733 Z86743 Z86C0208PEC Z86C0208PSC Z86C0208SEC Z86C0208SSC Z86C0208PEC Z86C0208PSC Z86C0208SEC Z86C0208SSC Z86D7308FSC Z86D7308HSC Z86D7308PSC Z86D7308VSC Z86D8608PSC Z86D8608SSC Z86D8608SSG Z86D9808PSC Z86D9808SSC Z86D73 …


Z16Fxx Series series:

Z16F2810 Z16F2811 Z16F3211 Z16F6411 Z16F2810AG20AG Z16F2810AG20EG Z16F2810AG20SG Z16F2810FI20AG Z16F2810FI20EG Z16F2810FI20SG Z16F2810VH20AG Z16F2810VH20EG Z16F2810VH20SG Z16F2811AL20AG Z16F2811AL20EG Z16F2811AL20SG Z16F2811FI20AG Z16F2811FI20EG Z16F2811FI20SG Z16F3211AL20AG Z16F3211AL20EG Z16F3211AL20SG Z16F3211FI20AG Z16F3211FI20EG Z16F3211FI20SG Z16F6411AL20AG Z16F6411AL20EG Z16F6411AL20SG Z16F6411FI20AG Z16F6411FI20EG Z16F6411FI20SG …


Z86Exx Series:

Z86E02 SL1903 Z86E02 SL1925 86E02-186X Z86E03 Z86E04 Z86E04 SL1903 Z86E04 SL1925 Z86E04-186X Z86E0412PEC Z86E0412PEC1903 Z86E0412PSC1866 Z86E0412PSC1903 Z86E0412SEC Z86E0412SEC1903 Z86E0412SSC1866 Z86E0412SSC1903 Z86E06 Z86E07Z Z86E08 Z86E08 SL1903 Z86E08 SL1925 Z86E08-186X Z86E0812PEC Z86E0812PSC1866 Z86E0812PSC1903 Z86E0812SEC Z86E0812SEC1903 Z86E0812SSC1866 Z86E0812SSC1903 Z86E15 Z86E18 Z86E21 Z86E23 Z86E30 Z86E31 Z86E33 Z86E34 Z86E40 Z86E44 Z86E61 Z86E43 Z86E63 Z86E72 Z86E73 Z86E122 Z86E123 Z86E124 Z86E125 Z86E126 Z86E132 Z86E133 Z86E134 Z86E135 Z86E136 Z86E142 Z86E143 Z86E144 Z86E145 Z86E14 Z86E2112 Z86E2116 Z86E2312 Z86E2316 Z86E3016 Z86E3116 Z86E4016 Z86E6116 Z86E6120 Z86E61FSC Z86E61PSC Z86E61VSC Z86E6316ASG Z86E6316PSC Z86E6316VSC Z86E6320ASG Z86E6320PSC Z86E6320VSC Z86E63FSC Z86E63PSC Z86E63VSC Z86E83 Z8E001 Z8E00010HSC Z8E00010PEC Z8E00010PSC Z8E00010SEC Z8E00010SSC Z8E00010SSG Z8E00110HEC Z8E00110HSC Z8E00110PEC Z8E00110PSC Z8E00110SEC Z8E00110SSC Z8E00110SSG …


Z86L/Z89/Z8PExx Series:

Z86L0208PEC Z86L0208PSC Z86L0208SEC Z86L0208SSC Z89371 Z89371B Z8PE00210 Z8PE00310 …


Z8Fxx Series:

Z8F0113 Z8F011A Z8F0123 Z8F021A Z8F012A Z8F0130 Z8F0131 Z8F0213 Z8F0411 Z8F0223 Z8F022A Z8F0230 Z8F0231 Z8F0421 Z8F0413 Z8F0412 Z8F041A Z8F0430 Z8F0422 Z8F0423 Z8F042A Z8F0430 Z8F081A Z8F0431 Z8F0811 Z8F0812 Z8F0813 Z8F082A Z8F082A Z8F0821 Z8F0822 Z8F0823 Z8F1601 Z8F1621 Z8F0830 Z8F0831 Z8F1232 Z8F1233 Z8F3222 Z8F1622 Z8F2421 Z8F2422 Z8F3221 Z8F3221 Z8F4801 Z8F4802 Z8F4821 Z8F4822 Z8F4823 Z8F6401 Z8F6402 Z8F6403 Z8F6421 Z8F6422 Z8F6423 Z8FMC04100 Z8FMC08100 Z8FMC16100 …


ZGP323xx Series:



ZLP32300xx Series:

ZLP32300H2008 ZLP32300H2004 ZLP32300H2816 ZLP32300H2016 ZLP32300H2032 ZLP32300H2804 ZLP32300H2808 ZLP32300H4832 ZLP32300H2832 ZLP32300H4804 ZLP32300H4808 ZLP32300H4816 ZLP32300P2804 ZLP32300P2004 ZLP32300P2008 ZLP32300P2016 ZLP32300P2032 ZLP32300P4008 ZLP32300P2808 ZLP32300P2816 ZLP32300P2832 ZLP32300P4004 ZLP32300S2016 ZLP32300P4016 ZLP32300P4032 ZLP32300S2004 ZLP32300S2008 ZLP32300S2832 ZLP32300S2032 ZLP32300S2804 ZLP32300S2808 ZLP32300S2816 …


ZLP12840xx Series:

ZLP12840H2832 ZLP12840H2032 ZLP12840H2064 ZLP12840H2096 ZLP12840H2828 ZLP12840P2064 ZLP12840H2864 ZLP12840H2896 ZLP12840P2028 ZLP12840P2032 ZLP12840P2896 ZLP12840P2096 ZLP12840P2828 ZLP12840P2832 ZLP12840P2864 ZLP12840S2828 ZLP12840S2028 ZLP12840S2032 ZLP12840S2064 ZLP12840S2096 ZLP12840S2832 ZLP12840S2864 ZLP12840S2896 …

Please visit the MCU lists above to find your IC part number, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers PRX can unlock here, and PRX is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, also we have development schedule, even we had not done your type before, we can research to fit your demand, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Zilog:


Zilog is a trusted supplier of application-specific embedded system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the industrial and consumer markets. From its roots as an award-winning architect in the microprocessor and microcontroller industry, Zilog has evolved its expertise beyond core silicon to include SoCs, single-board computers, application-specific software stacks and development tools that allow embedded designers quick time to market in areas such as energy management, monitoring and metering, and motion detection. With the acquisition of Zilog/IXYS, Littelfuse significantly expands their portfolio, with solutions spanning a full range of technologies.

Zilog’s ZNEO Z16F Series MCU is a powerful 16-bit CISC microcontroller that outperforms most RISC microcontrollers in its class. The ZNEO Z16F Series boasts a unique architecture that provides the power, punch, and performance of a 32-bit, with the code, current efficiency, and cost of a 16-bit. The ZNEO CPU boasts a highly optimized instruction set that achieves higher performance per clock cycle, with less code space and lower overhead than competing architectures.

Build your application with the ZNEO Z16F Series Development Kit (Z16F2800100ZCOG).

All ZNEO Z16F Series products are RoHS-compliant.

Z16F2810 Features

20MHz ZNEO Single-Cycle CISC microprocessor core

128KB internal Flash program memory with 16-bit access and in-circuit programming capability

4KB internal RAM with 16-bit access

12-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

Operational Amplifier

Analog Comparator

4-channel DMA controller supports internal or external DMA requests

Two full-duplex 9-bit UARTS with support for LIN and IrDA

5.5MHz Internal Precision Oscillator

I2C master-slave controller

Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (ESPI) controller

12-bit PWM module with three complementary pairs or six independent PWM outputs with dead-band generation and fault trip input

Zilog Z8 is an 8-bit microcontroller with integrated clock oscillator, two timers/counters, serial line and 32 I/O lines (4 ports). The Z8 had separate data and program memory spaces. Internal program memory of the Z8 ranged from 0 KB (for ROMless version) to 4 KB, and it could be expanded up to 64 KB of program memory using external ROM. The microcontroller had 144 8-bit registers – 4 I/O registers, 16 control registers and 124 general registers. Data memory on the Zilog Z8 could be expanded by adding up to 62 KB of external memory. The microcontroller supported stack operations, it was possible to use general registers or external data memory to store stack data.

The Zilog Z8 family included the following modifications:

Z8601/Z8611 – Z8 microcontrollers with 2 KB/4 KB ROM.

Z8603/Z8613 – microcontrollers with 2 KB/4 KB external EPROM interface.

Z8612 – microcontroller with 4 KB external memory interface.

Z8671 – microcontroller preprogrammed with BASIC/Debugger interpreter.

Z8681/Z8682 – ROMless version of Zilog Z8.

Z86L81/Z86L85 – low-power version.

The eZ80? CPU operates either in Z80-compatible (64 KB) mode or full 24-bit (16 MB) addressing mode. Considering both the increased clock speed and processor efficiency, the processing power of eZ80? competes with the performance of 16-bit microprocessors. The eZ80? improves on the world-famous Z80? architecture. Like Z80? , eZ80? CPU features dual bank registers for fast context switching.